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Luxury hair removal services exclusively  for Women

We all  know Beauty hurts...

But it doesn’t have to . Chronic Ingrown hairs  are  not  synonymous with Waxing and Myths like “the longer the hair…the more it hurts” are simply untrue.


Beauty Services

Why Veson..

VESON  delivers expert  Hair Removal Services  exclusively for Women with our particular needs and concerns in mind.. We offer hygienic, comfortable,  efficient  concierge hair removal services by experienced licensed medical estheticians who all just happen- to be nurses. 


All VESON services begin with a complete  skin assessment and  individual  prescription care  plan for lasting  optimal results

Standard of Care

We Sterilize AND Sanitize our instruments. We are OSHA and CPR Certified. We   have a 72 hr Service Guarantee. Safety and efficiency are our top  priorities.

VESON  Mission

To provide the optimal experience :

  • Promote well-ness   by operating in a clean environment at all times. 
  • Preserve client confidence through acquisition of Medical Estheticians only
  • Deliver results efficiently without compromising quality or comfort.

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